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Using latest technology in prepress technology, we already using CtP (Computer To Plate) to enhance plate production speed, quality and precision to achieve greater printing result for our customer.
Empowered by world standard software such as ORIS and HarleQuin, special calibrated  monitor and our experienced prepress team, our printing production will have a best quality and solid!

CtP (Computer to Plate)

Faster Plate Production with best quality and timely accurate production scheduling.  Directly printing plate from computer using best thermal plate and our plate quality control procedure, we ensure you will satisfied with our service!

CTP machine Screen Plate Maker

Calibrated Monitor

Accelerated proofing process in term of color matching using Special Calibrated Monitor "Eizo" and Calibrated Illumination Room.

Special Monitor Soft Proofing
Color Navigator Calibrating for monitor soft proofing
Digital proofing Sync with Oris
Oris Software for Prepress and digital proofing

Digital Color Proofer

Faster proof means time efficient for you!  We are matching our 11 color digital printer profile with our offset machine so our digital proof result can be used as representation of your final print result in advance!

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