We offer complete line of finishing for assisting your needs with more than 45 various machine available for different needs.
Supported by our experience team, worker and standarized procedure, we provide you with our best service in term of speed, quality and ontime delivery.

Book Maker

All in One Finishing Solution For You...

Our facility have various type of finishing machine such as shrinking, varnish,stitching, eyelet, vacum blister, binder, hydraulic ponch, puncher and many more.

Speed for greater capacity, our automatic die cutting machine will ensure faster speed production while quality being maintained at the best level!

Fast speed and precision gluing!
Whetever your product type is, we are capable on deliver such as 6 corner, 4 corner, single side gluing and bottom lock for your product finishing needs!

Folder - Gluer

Using programmable guillotine machine, we are able to cut with precision up to 0.25mm for great result and efficient production!

Precision Guillotine

Automatic DieCutting

Empowered by our skillful finishing team, we are ready to serve you for finishing your product manually depends on your design reliably fast with great result!