We are commited to serve our customer with our best effort with order tracking system,  9 expedition truck, complete warehouse system and dedicated backup power plant system to further support you with our ontime delivery!

Order Tracking


Scheduled Production System with updated information through entire production facility.

You can easily know your order progress by contacting our marketing team!

OnTime Delivery


Fast and Accurate Delivery for our customer....

Supported by our great team ,complete vehicle and accurate scheduled production, you will have your printed product within given timeline and schedule. It will increase your production efficiency and time so you can concentrate on your business core.

Warehouse System


We have both finished good warehouse and raw material warehouse to ensure that you always get your product safely in timely manner. Qualified by our quality control team and safety buffer procedure, we share your business concern for having right quality product in a right time!

Power Plant


Production Always ON!

Full backup with 2 branded diesel power plant to powered up our entire facility.